Thermal Management



Pressfin heat sinks are 30-40% more efficient when compared to extruded or die cast heat sinks, thus ensuring a low thermal difference between the heat sink & the device. Round pins offer a greater surface area when compared to square pins. Pressfin heat sinks react much faster as the manufacturing process ensures the atomic structure of the aluminium is in the direction of the heat flow. They are particularly suitable for applications generating high levels of heat and where space & weight are at a premium.

Ceramic Heatsink

The structure of the Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sink provides a very large surface area compared to conventional Copper and Aluminium Heat Sinks. Even though the thermal resistance of the Ceramic is much higher than Aluminium because of the micro porous structure it provides excellent heat dissipation and heat convection.

Pressfin Heatsinks

Pressfin heat sinks are 30-40% more efficient when compared to extruded or die cast heat sinks, thus ensuring a low thermal difference between the heat sink & the device.


Thermal Materials

A wide variety of materials include High Thermally Conductive artificial graphite sheet (up to 1900W/mk); Silicone Filler Pads (up to 11W/mk); Thermal Paste (up to 10 W/mk); Phase Change Filler Pads (up to 5.0 W/mk); Thermal Adhesive Transfer Tapes (up to 2.50W/mk) and Thermal Films (up to 6W/mk).

Adhesive Tapes

A wide variety of high performance thermal adhesive, transfer tapes, with thicknesses from 0.05mm and thermal conductivity up to 2.50 W/mk. UL-94 V-0 version available.

Artificial Graphite

High Thermal Conductivity Artificial Graphite Sheet. Ultra high thermal conductivity. Ultra-thin. Excellent flexibility.

Filler Pads & Films

A wide range of silicone & non-silicone electrically isolating thermal filler pads and films with thermal conductivity up to 11W/mk; thicknessís from 0.1mm up to 18mm; hardness from 20 Shore 00. A silicone free Film with thermal conductivity up to 6W/mk is also available.

Grease and Paste

Provide a high performance solution particularly where there are irregular surfaces. Thermal conductivity up to 10W/mk.

Heat Spreader

The Nanospreader material is an ideal material for heat spreading.

Phase Change Pad

Bridging the gap between a Thermal Paste and Solid filler pad a phase change material is an ideal material. At room temperature it is a solid filler pad but when its transition temperature is reached it softens or melts and behaves more like a paste/grease. There are three types of materials, There are three types of materials, waxed based, elastomer and Aluminium Film.

Thermagraph Materials

Thermagraph is manufactured from a naturally occouring allatrope of Carbon it has very high thermal conductiveity with high flexibility and available in roll or sheet form. Thermagraph materials are excellent replacements for thermal greases, thermal pads and phase change materials.


Flat Cool Pipes

As each new generation of electronics equipment exhibits higher performance and more and more power into ever smaller package sizes, it will dissipate power in the form of heat and requires some degree of thermal management.Thermasol markets a variety of Thermal Management materials in response to the changing needs of the assembly of electronics packaging in notebook computers, high-performance CPU, chipsets, mobile electronic appliances, power conversion and amplification modules etc.

Flat Cool Pipes

Flat Cool Pipes can be used to replace heat sinks and fans, thus reducing power consumption, product noise and cost. Heat can be directly removed from source and transferred to the chassis or to an external heat sink.



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